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Welcome to Nutritanksoc@Aberdeen!

We are one of many Nutritank Societies that have been set up at medical schools across the UK.


Nutritanksoc@Aberdeen aims :
● To raise medical students’ awareness around the importance of nutrition and lifestyle medicine for all stages of healthcare from prevention to wellbeing.
● To promote the need for greater nutrition education within medical school education so future doctors are equipped with sufficient knowledge to advise their patients.
● To engage in community projects within Aberdeen around nutrition and health. 

We call for nutrition to be fully integrated into medical schools curricula nationwide.
We would be delighted for as many Aberdeen students as possible to be involved. If you would like to be involved then please join our Nutritanksoc@Aberdeen facebook group and get in touch with the committee.

Please use the sign up at the bottom of this page to join the  Nutritank mailing list so we can keep you in the loop.

Aberdeen Committee

Jessica Rose

Rachel Vaughan


Bella Faliszewski

Jules Hegarty​

Katie Mcfadden

Connor Hunter

Albana Krasniqi

Giorgia Carlotta

Despina Chasapi

Hanna Smith

what is Nutritank currently doing?

Building a Community

Through the Nutritank website we have created Nutritank Society groups for a growing number of medical schools across the UK. Hopefully, this will act to empower a cohort of medical students nationally who are engaged with nutrition and lifestyle medicine.

Sharing our NUTRIBITES©

Soundbites of interesting scientific messages surounding nutrition. Posted regulary on Facebook and Instagram.

Food For Thought

Our pioneer food project, teaching primary school children nutrition education. Click for more information.

Culinary Medicine Course

Nutritank have collaborated with Dr Rupy Aujla, founder of “Doctor’s Kitchen”. Dr Aujla has created a culinary medicine course for medical students and healthcare practitioners. We are assisting him with integrating the course into medical school curricula nationally.

Facebook and Instagram

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Blog posts and Newsletter

Our new team of Content Managers works hard to bring out new interesting material each week on all things related to nutrition and lifestyle medicine.