Current Think Tank Aim

Promoting the need for greater nutrition and lifestyle education at medical schools

What's the problem?

£47 Billion

Spent on obesity alone by the UK economy last year. This is not sustainable.


of UK adults are clinically obese.  Mainly a consequence of poor nutritional status.

Western diseases

 are mainly diseases of lifestyle. These can be prevented and are related to nutrition and lifestyle.  

But do our doctors know?

Not enough time is spent educating medical students and doctors in nutrition.

Doctors don’t feel confident discussing nutrition with patients.

Not discussing nutrition with patients is a missed opportunity. 

It is time to change these trends

What are we doing about it?

Building a community 

We want to bring together all of those passionate people and organisations together, who agree that medical students and doctors should be educated more about nutrition and lifestyle medicine. We believe strongly that together we can start a movement that will help transform the way things are. 

Changing the system

We want to show that there are many others who agree with our vision. By first teaching medical students the theory behind nutrition and lifestyle medicine they can then be effective at advising their future patients. 

Showing the evidence

We are using peer reviewed nutrition journals as a way of presenting the evidence – that nutrition and lifestyle can benefit our patients in drastic ways. We create Nutribites as a way of delivering this message. We share these regularly on our platforms with other scientific material.

who share our vision


NNEdPro (Need for Nutrition Education Programme) – are an award-winning, interdisciplinary think-tank, training academy and knowledge network anchored in Cambridge which provides a centre for global excellence. Their work has focused on developing adaptable and scalable models for medical nutrition education combining clinical/public health knowledge with leadership training to aid implementation in healthcare settings. On another hand, they have also undertaken a range of primary research studies and syntheses to fill key evidence gaps. In addition, their international work has defined a common denominator of knowledge required to translate Nutrition to practice in multiple settings, whilst appreciating key regional differences. One of these gaps they are addressing is the need for nutrition education within undergraduate and postgraduate medical training.

This July NNEdPro have also launched the BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health which is a new journal co-owned by NNEdPro and the BMJ Group, launched at their 4th International Summit in Cambridge on 20th July 2018. The journal is dedicated to publishing high quality, peer reviewed articles that focus on diet, exercise and healthcare technology on health and wellbeing.

We are very proud to welcome this organisation onto Nutritanks Think Tank panel. 

Operational Panel Members

Dr Minha Rajput-Ray
NNEdPro Medical Director

Prof. Sumantra Ray
NNEdPro Founding Chair and Executive Director

Luke Buckner

Dr Luke Buckner
Junior Doctor and Medical Representative

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