Interested in healthy eating or teaching children? Then this project is just for you! The Food For Thought Project aims to educate primary school children about the importance of leading a healthy balanced diet. With an emphasis on sugar and diabetes, the project is a fun and interactive way of getting kids more aware of what they’re putting in their body.  Hear what Food For Thought’s founder Mariha had to say,

"Food For Thought stems from my long standing passion for nutrition in medicine and my love for teaching. The aim was to reach out to school children and raise awareness from an early age on how to lead a healthier life. I believe it is vital that future generations are more informed about what they are putting into their bodies, raising awareness about how much sugar is in the food they eat and help them make more informed choices. Through a fun-filled session taught by local medical students, Food For Thought plans to reach out to as many primary school children possible and give them a foundation of knowledge through which they can lead a healthier and happier future. We talk all things food and health related, from the 5-A-Day system to diabetes while still keeping it fun and entertaining so kids can go home having felt they’ve learnt something and hopefully even teach the adults a thing or two! Being such a rewarding scheme, I hope to get as many medical students who share the same passion to come along and join our team!"

Mariha Ashraf Medical Student at Bristol University and Founder of Food For Thought.

This is a great chance for hands on teaching whilst spreading an important message. We have Food for Thought Projects starting all around the UK led by  Nutritank societies. If you would like to set up a Food For Thought Project with your Nutritanksoc then please contact Mariha through facebook.

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