Teaching medical students to cook

Teaching medical students to cook

Author Dr Jessicarr Moorhouse

In July 2018, Culinary Medicine UK will be collaborating with Bristol Medical School to launch the first culinary medicine course for medical students in the UK. The scheme is headed up by Dr Rupy Aujla, an NHS GP, lifestyle medicine enthusiast, and founder of The Doctors Kitchen. The team firmly believe that nutrition and other lifestyle medicine factors are key to improving overall health and wellbeing and there is scope to promote nutrition and lifestyle education amongst healthcare professionals.

The project is based on research carried out in Australia and the United States, which has not only shown positive participant evaluation but improvements in patient’s health outcomes, e.g. blood sugar and cholesterol1,2. The success of Culinary Medicine UK will be evaluated in the months following the course.

I‘ve since had the course accredited by the Royal College of GPs, and I’ve started Culinary Medicine UK, which will work on a non-profit basis to teach health professionals how to cook. Our first course will be in alliance with Westminster Kingsway Culinary school in February 2018 and in July we’ll offer an intense four week course to medical students at Bristol University.” Dr Rupy Aujla – Quote taken from the Telegraph 

Find link here: Culinary Medicine UK

Photo credit: The Doctors Kitchen https://instagram.com/doctors_kitchen


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