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Blog #MendTheVend 11th May 2018 Author Dr. Eilish Yarham When you close your eyes and picture a vending machine what is it you see first? Is it a packet of crisps? A chocolate bar? How about the fizzy drinks? We’re guessing the overall image is something like this: Vending machines are everywhere; schools, train stations,

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Roasted Veggie Curry

Roasted Veggie Curry Check out this recipe for some weekday dinner inspiration! By The Doc Who Cooks (@thedocwhocooks) You can’t go wrong with a good curry. Especially one that’s homemade, using simple ingredients, full of colour and flavour. A lot of people fear making a curry, thinking it would be way too complicated to prepare from

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Dr Venita Patel talks to us about combating childhood obesity

BLOG Combating Childhood Obesity April 23rd, 2018 Author Dr Eilish Yarham  Dr Venita Patel is a Community Paediatrician with extra training in Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine and lead doctor for Childhood Nutrition and Obesity, as part of the Evelina Hospital. She talked to us about her work to help combat the obesity epidemic. “Childhood obesity

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OB_S__Y is a cause of cancer

Editor’s thought’s OB_S__Y is a cause of cancer March 24th, 2018 Author Dr Joshua Wolrich Is Obesity a cause of cancer? As the Scientific Editor for Nutritank, I thought it would be apt to share with you my thoughts on the recent Cancer Research UK campaign. For those who aren’t aware, Cancer Research UK recently

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How to make a buddha bowl

The Buddha Bowl Check out this recipe for some mid-week dinner inspiration! Written by Emily Slack and Ella Gregory (Nutritanksoc Exeter) What is it? Buddha bowls, also called a “power bowl” or “macro bowl”, are a healthy meal alternative. It is called “Buddha” because when finished it has a rounded top, or belly, like the

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Why is nutrition in medical education so important?

BLOG Why is nutrition in medical education so important? February 9th, 2018 Author Dr Jessicarr Moorhouse As a junior doctor working in general practice, I regularly encounter patients with lifestyle related disease. Just last week, during a discussion about Type 2 diabetes, a patient asked how she could improve her diet in order to help

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