Supporting Experts

Experts who support Nutritank's aim:

promoting the need for greater nutrition and lifestyle education at medical schools​

"It is well documented that good nutrition can help reduce, prevent and even reverse chronic disease. Since the ever-increasing prevalence of chronic disease is one of the greatest challenges facing the NHS, it is essential that we utilise Lifestyle Medicine in our clinical practice and ensure that the doctors of tomorrow are being adequately educated about this important topic. I fully support Nutritank's drive to raise awareness, enhance and improve teaching in medical schools so that healthcare practitioners of tomorrow have the knowledge to empower patients to make better food choices and improve their health."

Dr John Sykes

"This is such a timely and necessary initiative. It's brilliant to see fellow medics interested in health and lifestyle, and with a glut of often confusing and contradictory information out there, it's brilliant to see evidence-based information being delivered in a way that will certainly have a massive impact on the health of the nation."

Dr. Anita Mitra, BSc MBChB aka. The Gynae Geek


GP Locum - long-standing interest in integrative approaches to healthcare. Works as an integrative doctor at Penny Brohn Cancer Care

Dr Duncan Still Nutritank Supporter

Physician in Occupational & Disability Medicine and Registered Osteopath NNEdPro Medical Director (Wellbeing & Equity Lead)

Dr Minha Rajput-Ray Nutritank Supporter

Founding Chair, NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health Senior Clinical Tutor, CU School of Clinical Medicine

Professor Sumantra Ray Nutritank Supporter

The Doctor's Kitchen Dr Rupy Aujla | Medical Doctor | Food as Medicine | YouTube The Doctor's Kitchen | Get the Cookbook! >

Dr Rupy Aujla Nutritank Supporter

Dr Hazel Wallace | Medical Doctor | Qualified PT | Best selling author |

Dr Hazel Wallace Nutritank Supporter

??‍⚕️GP ??‍♀️Physical activity Champion @RCGP @PHE_uk ? Nutrition ? ITVs 'This Morning' ? BBCs 'Trust Me' & 'Horizon' ?

Dr Zoe Williams Nutritank Supporter

Gynaecology??‍⚕️ Microbiome research? Cervical cancer prevention? Evidence based medicine ? Huffington Post Blogger.

Dr Anita Mitra Nutritank Supporter

Medical Director, Penny Brohn UK, GP & GP Cancer Lead at Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group

Dr Catherine Zollman Nutritank Supporter

Dr Venita Patel MBBS, DipNT #Nutrition #Lifestylemedicine #Functionalmedicine Specialist in-Child Health/Growth/Development Child Health

Dr Venita Patel Nutritank Supporter

Father of 4, lover of 1 and doctor of 7853, I’m a family physician and educative creative in Bristol UK.

Dr Trevor Thompson Nutritank Supporter

DrChatterjee | Dad | Author | Doctor | TV presenter | Author of #The4PillarPlan (U.K.) / How to Make Disease Disappear (U.S.)

Dr Ragnan Chatterjee Nutritank Supporter

Doctor keen on health, fitness and nutrition. Blog account. Director of @moveeattreat Insta - healthandfitnessdoctor.

Dr John Sykes Nutritank Supporter

Michael Dixon is a GP and National Clinical Lead for Social Prescription (NHS England), as well as being Chairman of the College of Medicine

Dr Micheal Dixon Nutritank Supporter

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at the Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Foundation Trust. Founder of Cardiologist’s Kitchen

Dr Ali Kavandi Nutritank Supporter

Peter Foley MBBS MRCGP MFSEM ?NHS GP & ED Doctor | Sports Medicine MSc (Bath) | Healthy lifestyle promotion | Food as medicine #food ☘

Dr Peter Foley Nutritank Supporter

Elizabeth trained in medicine at Oxford University | clinical training at Guy’s Hospital in London. Qualifying in Palliative Medicine.

Dr Elizabeth Thompson Nutritank Supporter


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The views and opinions expressed by the individuals of this panel of supporting experts are those of the individuals and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Nutritank as an organisation.

All of these supporting experts have confirmed that they support Nutritank’s current aim of promoting the need for greater nutrition and lifestyle medicine education within medical training.

The support for this one aim is their only connection to Nutritank and has no impact on the content Nutritank believes should be within medical education. Nutritank strives to be an impartial and apolitical organisation that follows rigorous scientific standards when sharing information and resources.