Meet the team

The Team

We’re a small team of doctors and medical students all geographically dispersed around the UK, with the same passion for food, nutrition and lifestyle education. 
We are currently looking to expand the team, so if you share our vision get in touch and get on board. Contact us.

Medical Student ⚕️ Food and exercise helped me ? ?‍♂️ | Interests in research and innovation | Grassroots advocate | Nutritank Movement ?

    Iain Broadley Co-founder

    Medical student ?‍⚕ | Foodie | Passionate about community health and wellbeing. Empower like | individuals ➡| social change.

      Ally Jaffee Co-founder

      Junior Doctor | Physio | Aspiring PT Good health via tasty food and exercise | Living in my active wear | Manchester |

      Dr Jessicarr Moorehouse​ Content Manager

      Core Surgical Trainee. I got fed up of telling patients to lose weight when I was overweight myself - learnt about nutrition, lost the fat.

        Dr Joshua Wolrich​ Scientific Editor

        ITU Doctor | Gym goer | Passionate about balancing health and well-being |

          Dr Eilish Yarham​ Content Manager

          Medical student @ Barts and The London, intercalating in Global Health. Passionate about health through nutrition.

          Sinem Kilinc Content Manager

          Med student ? ? Keen to learn more about the benefits of lifestyle changes on health and wellbeing ? ?‍♀️

            Jane Teal​ Content Manager