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Hej Nutritank community!

My name is Maria Kardakova and I have a crazy story for you today. I started my career in immunological research in 2008 in a secret hidden lab far away in cold Siberia, Russia. Have you heard about the Russian COVID-19 vaccine? Yes, that lab is my former lab. After a while, I decided to move somewhere a little bit warmer. So I chose Sweden! And for almost 3 years I was able to observe the Swedish Public Health system .

Sweden blew my mind. With one of the highest life expectancies and one of the lowest obesity ratings, it enabled me to discover, and further explore the connection between immunity, health and lifestyle, psychology, nutrition, and the environment.

So I relocated to the UK and made a life-changing decision to continue my education and learn more about Public Health, Nutrition, and how we can shape it using novel technologies.


The relationship between the immune system and gut microbiota.

At present, I am working with Atlas Biomed Group – the first provider of an IVD CE certified test system for human gut microbiome 16s rRNA sequencing. The idea is to collect information and investigate how multiple foods may affect human gut microbiome diversity and beneficial bacteria content in different people, and apply this knowledge into practice.

Pic. 1 Atlas Biomed Ecosystem

We collaborate with researchers around the world and aim to support the medical data stratification approach. Our long term goal is to develop individual nutrition recommendation technology based on high-quality scientific evidence (Pic. 1). With a team of bioinformaticians and microbiologists from Atlas Biomed, we’re developing an AI-based Atlas App aiming to educate users on which foods and eating habits work best for their gut health. We will also provide individual food scoring, weekly nutritional goals, challenges, and other recommendations. The synergy of AI and in-house algorithms makes the Atlas Food Tracking system unique! It generates completely individual food scores for users based on their microbiome analysis and motivates them to make better choices day-by-day. It is the world’s first AI-based food tracking app with an option to get individual feedback from nutrition professionals.

Pic. 2 JD Toro-Martín, Precision Nutrition: A Review of Personalized Nutritional Approaches for the Prevention and Management of Metabolic Syndrome, Nutrients, 2017 


There is a growing demand for easy, inexpensive and interactive food tracking tools with a quick analysis of the nutritionists and doctors that can help people have a balanced diet. This is exactly where we meet Nutritank. At the moment most food tracking apps are focused on calories, but that approach has limitations from a nutritional perspective and isn’t focused on the health of the general population. Atlas app is focused on balanced nutrition and meets the current SACN recommendations on fibre intake.

Pic. 3 AI food recognition and personalised scoring of Atlas Biomed technology

I understand the importance of helping people make healthy and informed food choices. In 2018, I decided to convert my experience of managing digital platform developments (like software for catering companies) and created my own iOS and Android app ‘Mary’s Recipes’, which generates a balanced menu plan and shopping list in just one click. The main goal is to provide convenient food for busy families, reduce food waste, and make healthy nutrition affordable for everyone. I am currently in the process of integrating an in-app generated grocery shopping list with UK online supermarkets including Ocado, Tesco and Amazon Fresh.

Pic4. Mary’s Recipes App


It is also a great honor for me to be an AfN registered nutritionist and a Nutritank guest, allowing me to stay up to date with the latest news in both Nutrition Science and Public Health. I’m currently dreaming about starting my PhD with a topic related to Nutrition and Health 4.0.

I also have something to add to my personal story. For those of you who have left your home country but believe that you can support it with the knowledge and experience you are gaining from your current work or education, don’t hesitate to do so! Even if you’re on the other side of the planet – share your experience and expertise.

Nutritank is a powerful community of people who realised the importance of lifestyle changes in the future medical system. I’ve always been torn between science, medicine, technologies and… food! And there’s finally the right time and right people merge these things together!

Hope you enjoyed my story!

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Maria Kardakova

Biomedical Engineer with MSc in Human Nutrition and Public Health. Specialize in Innovative AI solutions and global dietary behavior change. Senior Science and Innovation Manager at Atlas Biomed CEO Mary's Recipes App.

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